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The Seasons – Winter Holiday Jobs

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Nov 9, 2010 in Career Path

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The seasons bring a lot of change to the jungle. The heat of summer gives way to the crisp coolness of fall and then to the whirlwind holidays of winter. Holiday hiring is starting in high gear this year so whether you’re looking for some extra cash to put in the bank or to fund your seasonal shopping, here’s some job search tips on who’s hiring. According to a new projection from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, retailers will hire between 500,000 and 600,000 workers for the holidays, compared to 2009, when only 501,400 were hired.

Finding a job is all about timing and where you look. For part time holiday jobs, there are thousands of seasonal openings at a wide variety of businesses:

Retail Outlets – Whether you love Target, Lowe’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Toys-r-Us, or Yankee Candle, lots of department stores and retail outlets look for seasonal help. In 2009 boasted a list of more than 23,000 holiday job openings. Refine your search to listings in your area and you’ll be able to locate lots of great seasonal positions close to your home. They are looking for extra cashiers, stock clerks, customer service and other related seasonal helpers to assist with higher than normal sales and shipping volume. Some of these companies also offer an employee discount making the commitment to the work even more financially rewarding if you shop there.

UPS and FedEx – Delivery companies are looking for seasonal help because the work load increases significantly between Thanksgiving and Christmas. UPS adds additional package handlers at their drop off locations as well as Seasonal Driver Helpers. These people work variable hours between Thanksgiving and Christmas Monday to Friday since UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturday or Sunday. You don’t need a driver’s license because the driver will pick you up near your home. There are often a variety of shifts available including daytime, twilight, night and sunrise work hours. FedEx also has similar seasonal jobs available. Do your research online or call their toll free numbers for more information.

Caterers/Party Venues – As the holiday party season kicks off many of these companies are looking for extra chefs, cooks, wait staff and bar help.

Landscapers – If you like working outside, you can assist customers at a local nursery or holiday decorating company. Check your local listings for companies seeking assistant decorators for commercial or residential installations. Snow removal was a great source of income last winter in the Mid Atlantic and Northeast corridor. Many private neighborhoods contract with local landscaping companies who are looking to offset winter slowdowns by adding other services to their menus. Offering to shovel for a set of neighbors is a great way to ensure you’ll be busy and have income if you can’t make it into work and earn your regular paycheck.

Seasonal Attractions – Just like theme parks need extra help over the summer, places like ski resorts, skating rinks and other seasonal attractions need extra help right now. Think about the places people flock to in your area during the winter months and find out if they’re looking for seasonal workers.

Personal Assistance- If you’re a little more entrepreneurial, you can offer your assistance for an hourly rate to busy executives to run errands, wrap gifts, address and mail holiday cards, even dog walkers see a surge and need extra help with vacation coverage this time of year.

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