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The Parrot – Jungle Courtship: 4 Networking Tips

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Jun 20, 2011 in Self Improvement

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Summer is upon us as the spring has drawn to a close. Although mating season varies from species to species, it usually lasts a few months starting in mid spring, especially when it comes to tropical birds, of which I am a proud pet owner. Although my parrot (an Amazon) does not as yet have a mate, watching its mating rituals reminds me—believe it or not—of networking. Here are a few tips for networking on the job, based on observing a jungle denizen, my parrot.

1. Make eye contact.
Although you probably can’t do the crazy eyes like my parrot does in which his pupils will dilate back and forth very quickly, you can at least look someone in the face when talking. I know this sounds like clichéd advice, but it makes a huge difference because it shows that you care and are paying attention. My parrot dilates his eyes whenever you talk to it, because it is concentrating carefully in order to repeat what you say. In the wild, crazy eyes are part of the courtship process.

2. Show off. False modesty never got anyone anywhere.
In the wild, it is always the birds that are the most ostentatious that attract the most desirable mates. My parrot will strut his stuff whenever he can by stretching out his wings, and generally making lots of noise. While you don’t necessarily want to go the obnoxious route, don’t be ashamed of your accomplishments. Own them and be proud of them while networking.

3. Don’t be too aggressive.
While a little bit of assertiveness goes a long way out in the jungle when looking for a mate, going too far will serve only to turn off your potential partner/business connection. As such, make sure that you establish your networking strategy as one that is give-and-take. You must learn when to be upfront and when to be more passive and accepting of someone being neutral or undecided.

4. Once you’ve made a good business connection, be loyal and follow that connection for as long as you both shall live.
One of the most impressive things about parrots in particular is that, despite their impressive mating rituals, they are monogamous once they settle down, and they are fiercely loyal to their mates, both males and females. In the world of networking, loyalty goes a long way, too. Once you’ve made a business connection that is genuine and strong, be sure to be grateful and to help out your connection in return whenever you can.

In the end, the most important take-away about networking is that it is a natural process, like mating, that should not be pursued with too much anxiety or seriousness. If you are good at talking to people and getting your stuff out there, then you will be successful, no matter what.

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