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The Hunt – Thrill of Survival

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Jul 12, 2010 in Job Search, Thinking Positive

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Mankind is no stranger to the practice of hunting. Whether the purpose of the hunt is for survival, sport, or entertainment, the hunt is as old as civilization itself.

Today, many are tasked with hunting once again: our modern prey is a stable job. Often, when in economic and financial turmoil, people will reiterate the idea that a “job hunt” is for survival and it is difficult to associate it with a sport, pastime, or entertainment of any kind.

When job hunting out of necessity, it is always important to think positively. However dire, your hunt should produce the feelings most gamesmen yearn for: adrenaline, optimism, and at times pessimism. Do not lose hope. Hunters and gatherers of our ancestors may have had a bad day, maybe a rough week, unsuccessful month, or difficult season, but had they lost hope and embraced helplessness, humanities existence would have been undone with the extinction of humanity as a possible consequence.

One day, you will receive an offer of employment and your epic job hunt will be whittled down to stories around the water cooler. As a fisherman will brag about the size of his catch, a hunter will recant with the points on his deer’s rack, you will regal people with the thrill of your chase; the ups and downs, and ultimately, your catch.

This guest post is contributed by: Matthew Nieminski

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