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The Lion – Becoming The King Of The Jungle

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Nov 5, 2008 in Executive Coaching, Self Improvement

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Lions are known as the King of the Jungle because they are at the top of the food chain.  Few animals will challenge a lion, except for maybe hyenas.

How do you become the lion at work?  One sure fire way is to consistently exceed expectations. If you output excellent results time after time, it will become rare that your work will be under a microscope.  You can exceed expectations by putting forth initiative, being creative, and learning to anticipate needs.  How many times has your boss asked for something and you already have it prepared?  That type of proactive work will set you apart from your reactive peers.  Also remember that an outstanding employee doesn’t just do their job, they go above and beyond.  Anticipating needs before they happen is just one step to take.  You also have to take that extra step or two and deliver the quality of work that won’t be expected, which involves thoroughness and creativity.  Soon you will be the “go-to” person.

Follow your instincts and outperform all the other animals in the kingdom.  You could be sitting in the lion’s den!  Just remember to watch out for the hyenas….

Mimi Kim
Partner, CMCS

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