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The Crocodile – Getting Noticed And Being Prepared

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Mar 10, 2009 in Job Search

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Crocodiles prepare for and engage in the hunt for food in a methodical way. This leads to lots of overall success in the end result. You should prepare too if you want to be successful in your interview.

Crocodiles identify their prey, move in, and then attack. Once the attack is on, crocodiles do not deviate from the goal until they get their dinner. You should also identify the job you want. Have a resume that gets you noticed and then conduct your interview process full on until you have the job you really want.

Here’s how you do it…

First, make sure you have a well written, relevant resume. If you need help writing a resume, a great resource is Ten Easy Steps to a Perfect Resume.

This book will help you to write an excellent, professional resume. Some general rules of thumb are:


  1. -Make sure your contact information is accurate.
  2. -Make sure there are no spelling errors on your resume.
  3. -Make sure your objective is in-line with, and that you are qualified for, the position that you are applying for.
  4. -Be sure that you write a little bit about what each company does underneath the company name and then list several well thought out bullet points about your job duties and accomplishments.


Second, apply for jobs that interest you and that you are qualified for. Many people apply to positions in the hope that someone will interview them even if they know you are not qualified for a job. This almost never happens, so do not waste the time of the hiring manager on the other end of the submission. 

Third, once you get an interview, be prepared. Research the company. Learn about what they do. There is a lot of good information out on the internet these days. Utilize that information. When the hiring manager asks you what you know about their company, make sure you know. Dress professionally. Shine your shoes, cut your hair, and dry-clean your suit. Show that you care about yourself and that you take yourself seriously and the hiring manager will feel the same about you.

Finally, after the interview is complete, send a thank you note or e-mail depending on timing. Be sure to do this step since many applicants do not. This will set you apart from the competition.  

More tips to getting the job you want can be found in Ten Steps to Finding the Perfect Job.


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Jake Hanson
Senior Associate, CMCS

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