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Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Jan 28, 2010 in Job Search |

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In a previous post, I noted some tips on how to be prepared for your first day by comparing it to building a nest. Building the “nest” is up to the employee to prepare for, but as the employer, you have preparation of your own to welcome the new member of the flock. The smoother the transition for your new employee, the faster they will be able to contribute their talents.

Your new employee is very excited about their new position and anxious to make a good impression. Here are some common sense things that will make that transition easier for them into their new company.

A phone call the week before they start is a great personal touch, and goes a long way toward making a new employee feel welcome. Let them know what to expect, where to go and what time to arrive the first day.

Have necessary items ready before they arrive:

·         Keys, security passes, parking passes, etc. should be ready for them or the paperwork associated with them available to be filled out.

·         Payroll forms and HR paperwork should be in a package and ready to be completed if not already done prior to start date.

Have the employee’s workspace ready for work:

·         Computer set up and running, email accounts activated.

·         Ensure the phone is in place, working and a manual is handy.

·         The chair is appropriate for the space and in good condition.

·         The work area (desk, carpet, etc.) is clean and in good working order.

·         A new, current copy of the company phone directory is available (or available on-line).

·         Have a scheduled agenda for them the first day or two. Include them in meetings on projects they will be involved with, even if only as an observer.

·         Introduce them to everyone they will be working with directly. Make sure they meet the person they should go to with facilities questions (i.e.: how to work the copier, the fax, the phone, etc.).

·         Have someone in the department (manager/peer) scheduled to take them to lunch on the first day. There is nothing more uncomfortable than going to a new company and not knowing where to go for lunch the first day, and not being invited to go with others. A little pre-planning can make the new employee feel welcome and a part of the group.

Keep the lines of communication open, and remember that they will have a lot of questions. Be approachable and available to them. Order their business cards and other personal stationary items as needed so they can get to work and be a productive, contributing member of your group as soon as possible.

Once the transition is complete, they will be able to fly uniformly with the rest of the flock and be eager to welcome new employees into the company family.

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