The Zebra – Desert? Jungle? Savannah?

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Jan 19, 2009 in Building Confidence, Job Search |

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Although the noble Zebra is mainly a Savannah dweller, it can survive and even thrive in other environments.  Knowing when to find the right environment for you requires asking some difficult questions:  Are resources so scarce it seems like nobody can survive?  Does your current situation seem so chaotic and confusing you don’t know where to turn?  Perhaps things are wide open, but with no signposts to guide you?  In any environment you’ve got to keep your eyes open and watch for opportunities.

Scarce resources often offer abundant opportunities to excel and intense competition offers its own challenges.  This is the time to put your nose to the grindstone and really let your unique qualities and stripes shine.  Nature (or the economy) will thin the herd, leaving only the strong and resourceful. 

Chaos and confusion may seem uncertain, but more often than not, it’s a matter of perception.  Remember to keep focused and your stay out of the fray and don’t forget to watch your back. 

Wide open spaces mean you can go in any direction, but which is the right way?  Having choices is good, but you’ve got to find the balanced mix of landmarks (milestones?) and/or intuition.  Remember, nobody else has a clue either and the better tracker will prevail.  What has your experience taught you?

Small company or large? Private sector or government contracting?  For profit or non-profit?  Each environment offers its own opportunities and pitfalls.  You can thrive anywhere.  Which environment is best for you?

Mario Valdez
Associate, CMCS

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