Bug Bites – First Impressions in the Jungle

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Jun 23, 2009 in Executive Coaching, Interviewing Skills, Lessons Learned, Self Improvement |

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I remember my first jungle visit very well.  I was reminded of my experience for weeks with the thousands of bug bites that overran my entire body.   Little did I know that my lightly scented daily moisturizing lotion was an immediate attraction for every type of biting fly, mosquito, spider, and gnat in the entire continent of Australia.  But, I learned from that experience.  The next opportunity I had for a jungle visit, this time in Puerto Rico, I skipped the lotion and had a great visit to the rainforest canopy and floor that didn’t leave me itching for weeks.

First impressions count. 

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy in our office.  Lots of new jobs coming in and MANY people who have been looking for the past few months called to tell me they had gotten offers and were moving on to new positions.

As the job market begins to pick up, it’s increasingly important to mind your p’s and q’s with regards to making first impressions.  You don’t EVER get a chance to take back that first meeting.  A friend of mine, Therese Baker from Abbtech, said to me the other day: you’ll never have the same conversation with the same person twice.  It got me thinking about first impressions, so next week, I’m presenting a webinar on the subject of making a great first impression; I hope you’ll join in on the discussion register here. 

In the meantime, keep these points in mind today as you meet someone new. Whether it’s a meeting at work, an interview, or a charity event you’re attending.  You never know who you are going to meet and where that meeting might lead, so make every first impression count:

·         Be yourself, at ease, and appropriately dressed.

·         Be on time and smile. 

·         Have good posture, grooming and be confident without being cocky.

·         Make meaningful small talk-find something in common with everyone.

·         Have a confident handshake

·         Use the person’s name when you can.

One of my close personal friends today is someone that I met randomly in the hallway at work ten years ago.   Had he never stopped me to ask directions, we never would have had the exchange that we had the second time we crossed paths again later that day.  Make each conversation you have meaningful and positive.  You never know where it will lead!

For a Webinar on how to make a GREAT first impression visit: http://www.carolynthompson.net/makingagreatfirstimpressionwebinar.htm

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