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The Attachment – Getting Turned Around In The Jungle

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Nov 15, 2013 in Lessons Learned

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To all of our regular readers of, we apologize for the brief interruption in our new content over the past few months. Unexpected medical and technical issues presented themselves which are now both nearly resolved so we are back online!

One of the funniest moments that has ever happened to me as an executive recruiter occurred in the intermission, and I feel compelled to share it with you.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, I was reviewing resumes submitted for an Executive Project Manager in Commercial Construction position and saw that one of the applicants had accidentally attached a cover letter instead of their resume to the job posting. I went ahead and read the letter, twice in fact, because I wasn’t quite sure that I was reading it correctly. On the second pass, I confirmed that I had read and interpreted it correctly – the person had attached their online dating profile instead of their resume cover letter.

An easy oversight to make because the file was simply named “personal bio,” but imagine if I had been the manager at the company who was hiring for the position – what kind of impression would that have made?

I looked the candidate up on and called him to explain that he had, in fact, sent me the wrong letter. After a brief conversation about his work experience, we determined that he wasn’t a fit for my client but I did mention that if I came across anyone that he might like to date based on what he described in his bio, I would make the introduction. (I have successfully set up and married off 11 couples in my time.)

Well, last night at a client’s housewarming party, I met someone he might like… today I went ahead and made the introductions. So, while the original point of my story was to caution you to always make sure you have attached the correct document when you are job searching, this ending may turn out to be about how virtual introductions can create attachment.
Stay tuned!

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