The Alpha – Projecting Confidence In The Jungle

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Oct 4, 2012 in Building Confidence, Self Improvement |

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Zoosemiotics is the study of animal communication; any intentional behavior on the part of one animal that has an effect on the current or future behavior of another animal. Examples can include sounds such as bird calls or tail-wagging in dogs.

When competition is fierce in the jungle, you have to project confidence using effective communication techniques. In the job search or workplace jungle, this doesn’t mean marking your territory or baring your teeth. It can be as simple as being conscious of how you would like others to perceive you when you speak. Combine refined speech with confident body language in your communication to give you the alpha edge.

Cara Hale Alter, author of The Credibility Code: How to Project Confidence and Competence When It Matters Most (, offers these tips (taken from the Costco Connection):

Keep your head level

Speak with optimal volume

Hold eye contact for three to five seconds

Keep your hands in the gesture box

Avoid using fillers or uptalk

Visit the original article (link above) or for more tips on how to project confidence!

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