The Bear – Hibernating In Hard Times?

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on Mar 9, 2009 in Career Path, Thinking Positive |

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Where have all the hardworking professionals gone?  Have they retreated to their caves (or Florida) for a long winter’s hibernation?  Are they snuggled in, hoping to emerge their sleepy heads in a few months when the promise of the new administration finally starts to pay off?   Are they waiting to complete that resume re-write until they can send it to 100 positions like they could a year or so ago instead of just one or two?  Are they waiting for the abundance of the good old days?

Well, in some professions, the good old days are still around.  Professionals looking for work should pay astute attention to what jobs are being advertised.  There are large pockets of professional areas that are still lacking talented people. 

Take the tax profession as example.  Not a generally exciting topic, but it’s a lucrative field.  Right now, if you were a Senior Tax Accountant in our area, there are over 100 positions available within 50 miles of DC. 

So, unemployed professionals take note…if you’re looking for a new career path, there are jobs out there!   Some training or re-training might be necessary, in some cases, the bill for that might be picked up by an employer.  Do your homework, it never hurts to ask! Don’t hibernate your days away! Wake up, get out there, and find your niche!

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