The Canopy – Protecting the Saplings

Posted by Carolyn Thompson on May 12, 2009 in Career Path, Job Search, Lessons Learned, Thinking Positive |

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Four Gifts For Grads:

1.    Even though you are smart and have accomplished completing your degree, you’re likely going to have to start at the bottom and work your way up just like any tree in a thick forest environment. All seeds start growing from within the earth and the more experience they have, the larger they grow until they are high above the rest getting the most light!  If you set your expectations that you will learn the business from the ground up, you’ll get where you want to go eventually, right above the canopy!

2.    If you’re thinking more education is the answer, think again!  Yes, there probably will be more jobs in a couple of years when you get your additional degree, but you still need some practical work experience to combine with your education in order to get ahead.  Starting at an entry level spot somewhere that has a tuition reimbursement program is often a better bet than pursuing another degree full time.  Learn while you grow in your experience. A tree needs to grow upwards before it can really spread its branches. You will never make it through the thick rooftop of the jungle if your “branches” are too wide to penetrate the leafy ceiling. Ultimately, you don’t want to have more education combined with a lack of practical work experience, now or later! 

3.    NETWORK!  80% of all jobs are obtained through networking.  Even in my office we are looking for an entry level/intern type person and only had 2 qualified responses!  The tallest trees that form the canopy of the forest help the smaller trees and shade them from rough winds and other inhospitable elements while they are still young and new. Ask your parents, their friends, and your friends parents for help.  Be patient, and keep your Facebook page looking professional, too!

4.    Fail to plan, plan to fail!  Create a plan based on solid market research and go after jobs at the companies where you want to work. Seek to meet people who already work there by volunteering at charity events their companies sponsor.  Those people can refer you internally as jobs open up.  Create some good solid roots that will support you and hold you steady as you grow. The better your foundation, and the more you network, the higher you will be able to grow in the job search jungle!

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